Mieux.vote was born on the day following the 1st round of the 2017 French presidential elections. The disgust of seeing, once again, the choice of a minority presented as the expression of the people’s will got us out of the rut we have been in for too long.

Chart Sources : Ministère de l'intérieur & INSEE

The current type of electoral system in France and elsewhere – so-called "representative democracies" even though they are neither representative, nor democratic – gives very little space to the citizens’ political expression and always ends up boiling down all its diversity into a binary choice. This system is obsolete and must be replaced.

Mieux.vote aspires to become a global citizen movement around a better solution: liquid democracy. Our ambition will be to explain, test and share this idea as widely as possible in order to establish it at all the echelons of power. Liquid democracy can be instigated everywhere, from a local to global scale: a village, a neighbourhood, a city, a region, a nation, the European Union and even, one day maybe, the whole world.

Within the coming months and years, we will present arguments and tools on these pages, to demonstrate the benefits of liquid democracy compared to other systems. We will need help: translators, web and motion designers, programmers and all people of goodwill ready to roll up their sleeves. Regardless of their nationality or political beliefs, all who share our goal will be welcome.

If, like us, you are tired of choosing between the bad and the worse.
If you believe that forcing a majority of the population to vote for those it rejects, is not democracy.
If you no longer want these pseudo representative regimes.

Join us: together, we will do “mieux”.

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